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Stella Ella Vintage Dress Shop

Marble Falls, Texas
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About Stella Ella Vintage Dress Shop

As the owner of Stella Ella Dress Shop , I've been a fashion collector and curator for over 20 years. My fascination with vintage fashion began when I used to visit my grandmother and she would show me her vast collection of gowns and jewelry.

When I think of vintage , I think of heirlooms and historical pieces that have travelled through time and survived. If only those pieces could talk, I find myself often wondering what and who owned this dress ? what kind of adventures and parties were attended with this beautiful necklace?

For me personally there is sentimental value to the collections that I acquire, not only to hear the stories of the women who owned them but to know that I am now the caretaker of this rare and beautiful piece and its my job to make sure it finds a suitable home.

My boutique is a quaint little shop tucked away in the local business plaza on Mormon Mill Rd, in Marble Falls, Texas.

Our vintage jewelry pieces can be found at the local and eclectic boutique called Trendz on the historic main street in Marble Falls, Texas

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