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Clobes Clever Crafts

Chandler, Arizona
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About Clobes Clever Crafts

I have always had unique, funny ideas. I am a very happy, positive person, (I'm guessing it comes from laughing at my three older sisters), and my fun personality shows in my crafts.

snowWOMEN and this site came about because, a friend of mine loves snowmen. I saw her snowman Christmas tree and got to thinking, "Hhhmmm, where were the women?" Does this always have to be a man's world? I made her a set of eight (8) snowWOMEN and she talked me into selling them. So, all this is her fault. I showed them to many other women, asking if they would be insulted, and they all said "No, sell them girl, represent!"

The Bell Angels are some I used to make years ago and could not keep them in stock so, I brought them back.

The idea for the windows came about as a way to decorate a small office area or corner knuck using the snowWOMEN or something small of your own.

The wooden support bottoms came about because, I have them in all my reusable bags and am asked all the time when I go food shopping, where I got them. I have handed many of them out, so decided to let all of you enjoy their support as well.

My sister pasted on her beaded night light design instructions so, away I went with them.

Melanie Clobes